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SquarespaceWebsites Tools Extension PRO

This tool helps to do import and export between Squarespace 7 sites and enables some additional tweaks.

Attention: This plugin uses undocumented Squarespace API! So you do all manipulations for your own risk and we are not responsible for corrupted site content or collections.

This tool helps to do import and export between Squarespace 7 sites and enables some additional tweaks. It uses Squarespace API, but while they have it in Developer (Test) Mode, it is not recommended to use.

It supports Pages and List collections like Blog, Gallery, Album, Events or custom (Dev) collections including content inside.

You can also import/export your Commerce Products between Squarespace sites. 

Squarespace Websites Tools Extension PRO 1.x.x - 199$ Branch Chrome Webstore



  • Now you may use Tweaks Presets from another templates, only tweaks existing in current template will be set (useful to set some general and the same tweaks: site fonts and colors etc.).

  • Fixed bug in loading Page Presets then the blocks created from page were inserted on the same page with the same id's.

  • Now you may request item editing dialog on any item with proper id attribute with Ctrl+RightClick. Feature works for default Blog and Galleries Collections, and for any custom collections items,  just make sure you set proper data-slide-id or  data-sqstp-item-id or data-item-id attribute in you template like:

<div data-item-id="{id}">
  --Your markup here--
  • Improved galleries and Indexes copying process.

Using Content Presets

Please think about Content Presets more like about Squarespace Blocks layout preset, if you want full data available - use extension import/export functions. Remember that using some shared Content Presets you do not own or the preset created on you another site - you will get the layout, but images and some other blocks will be empty (but with settings like images layout and texts, galleries designs and options etc..).

Using Shared Presets or your saved Presets on another Squarespace site

Using simple Copy/Insert Layout Blocks

Notice that Copy/Insert  works only for current site, if you want  copy some blocks to another site - you would create a Preset.

Using Tweaks Presets

Tweaks Presets feature is about quick change site tweaks styles (imagine you need to show several designs to your client). It checks the templateId to propose you shared Presets, so all presets are really safe to load them to your site - the tweaks you have no on your site would just used. But nevertheless - better do backup before some manipulations also you may just do not "Save" loaded tweaks.

Content Items Cloning and Moving across sites

Tweaks Current Colors and Reset Fonts

You may see current colors used on site and easily set the same colors across the site. 
With Reset Fonts you may set one font-family across all site - useful when your design is minimalistic and has one font.

Check your Descriptions length for SEO